Terms & conditions

General conditions

Welcome. Our company is in charge of operating the Site. These general terms and conditions of use are intended to regulate the access and use you make of the Site, likewise, for purposes of clarity from now on we will refer to you as the "Client".

By log into the site, the user expresses his conformity and full acceptance of these Conditions.

These Conditions may be subject to any type of variation, modification, change, adjustment, addition or supplement in the future or at the time our company deems it appropriate, on the understanding that said updates will take effect at the time in which we publish them on the Site, and the User must expressly accept said updates to our Conditions.

Our services are only available to people who have the legal capacity to contract. The Individuals who will not be able to use the services: minors, those who do not The Site.

The information and advertising provided on the site is true, verifiable, clear, so if it generates confusion for the User, please request information prior to contracting from of the communication channels provided by The Site.

The Site has a mechanism for the Consumer, client or user to accept the terms and conditions, however, it is different for the treatment of the Personal Data of the users, for which the same must be accepted in turnNotice of Privacy

All general information regarding the identification of the company is found at the end of these terms and conditions.

Services offered by the company.

The services that the company offers are through software for real estate management, where billing and payment processing sheets can be generated, such information that is provided to a third party that the Client indicates and authorizes, as well as those related in the final part of this document for its better identification, in the particular tab, section or link of these, which allows the User to make an informed decision related to the commercial transaction.

The services offered by the company show:

a) Their description, including their specifications. b) The total amount to be paid for each of them, in national currency (except for services outside the Mexican Republic, which is reflected in USD dollars).

The site displays images of services as accurately as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the colors and/or shapes you see will match the platform or the service deliverable, since the display depends, in part, on the monitor, operating system and device used.

Authorization of information consultation and transfer to authorized third parties.

By virtue of this contract, the client authorizes the Company to consult their information when required.

It will be understood as an authorized third party, the natural person and/or moral person who, due to a legal relationship and/or business that maintains with the client, is authorized to receive from the company the information that it requests according to their services .

The information transfer and consultation process will be governed under the stipulations of these terms and conditions. In the event that it is necessary to transfer data or information, you must be accepting our privacy notice, which you can find below. Notice of Privacy


The prices to pay for the services that the User requests are those shown inwww.condovive.com/preciosor in any other section of this site, at the time the user needs to contract a service, it will be detailed in the confirmation of the same, including VAT or any other applicable tax, or any other as the case may be. In the case of requesting the service outside the Mexican Republic, the costs or prices will be updated to USD dollars.

Prices may undergo variations: these variations will always be communicated to the client, who will have the right not to accept them, terminate the contract and/or cancel the delivery after the price variations, provided that the company does not agree to carry out the delivery of the service with the prices in force at the time of contracting said service.

Account or access to the platform for contracting the service.

The service provided by the Company may or may not require registration through an account or Log in, however, in any case it will be subject to the following:

The client or user must protect his account, which will be developed through a username and password, which will be used to register on the site and is responsible for any activity or action carried out with his account.

However, achieving an account transaction requires the customer to provide personal information.

The client declares that the data provided to contract our services is real, truthful, exact, legal and verifiable, and that it releases the company from any responsibility derived from the veracity, suitability, accuracy, legality and verification of the same, also authorizes to verify your data, either on its own or through third parties, so if it is verified that the information provided is false, inaccurate or illegal, the company, at its discretion, may deny access to the Site and to delete the user account, in addition to being responsible for the damages generated. All data provided is governed by our Privacy Notice which can be found on the same site.

The client undertakes to keep the personal information updated at all times.

The client agrees to notify the company within the next day of any unauthorized use of his username and password, or any other breach in the security of his data.

The Company may at any time suspend or close your Account, and your ability to use one or more of the Services, or a part of the Services, and this automatically and without the need for any procedure, after sending you by email or by postal mail a formal requirement to put an end to a certain violation or provide proof of your credentials and other supporting documentation of your personality and/or capacity that would not have been attended to immediately, if confirmed, or if the company had reasonable grounds for believe that you have breached these terms and conditions.

If you have more than one Account, either Organization or User, the company reserves the right to delete all the Accounts you have opened.

At any time you may terminate your Account or the subscription to a certain Service or Services, automatically and without the need for any judicial process, notifying it through the same procedure established in these Terms and sending your letter to the email provided there.

If you do not accept these Terms, you will not be able to use the Services and you must send the company a request to terminate your Account and/or the corresponding subscriptions, with the understanding that as long as you do not accept the Terms, finish your registration process or send the request set forth in this paragraph, your Account will remain existing, but inactive.

Bear in mind that, if you decide to terminate your subscription, no refund, in whole or in part, will be made of the amounts already paid for the current subscription period or for any current commercial relationship with any third party or other User related to the subscriptions.

The Company reserves the right to recover the costs, supplements and charges that were incurred before the cancellation of your Account or your subscription to a certain Service or Services. In addition, it will be your responsibility to pay any amounts you may owe to other Content providers prior to the termination of your Account. Amounts in arrears or unpaid costs, as well as any other unresolved issues with respect to the Services, must be settled prior to any possible opening of a new Account or cancellation of an existing one.

Subject to observance of the above cancellation procedure, the cancellation of your Account and/or your subscription will take effect within a reasonable period of time immediately after receipt of your letter by the company's customer service department via the means to that effect established in this point.

In the event of cancellation or suspension of your Account, the company may delete, and in which case you will lose, your profile and the related information that you have provided, together with any Content that you may have published, uploaded or made available to third parties in the Services and especially, but not limited to, your Username.

In the event of termination of the Account, you must immediately stop using the Services and proceed to destroy any documentation related to the media that you had stored on any type of support.

In the event of termination of your Account, you will not be able to participate in the Services again without the express authorization of the company. To benefit from the Services again, you must request it by means of the aforementioned email, following the same criteria as for cancellation, authorization for reactivation or Creation of a new Account. In case of presenting a debit for the reactivation of an account eliminated by debit, it will be necessary to liquidate the oldest month of debit as well as the current month at the time of restoration of your organization and account.

In the event of termination of your Account, or one or more Services associated with your Account, no period of use of the Online Services or any other type of credit will be included in your credit, nor will any other type of reimbursement be made. , and you will no longer have access to your Account or any other rights associated with your Account or the Services in question.

In the event that the User needs to restore any of the accounts already canceled or closed, he will adhere to the process of these terms and conditions, within which he must cover the payment of the last month of service and the current month of restoration when requested.

For what is not established in these Terms in relation to this point, what is indicated in the Privacy Notice will be addressed, which contains the exercise of the rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation or Opposition of personal data and any information of the users, as well as the procedure to exercise them.

Data use policy.

In addition to the provisions of the privacy notice, the client authorizes the use of all published information, for advertising, statistical and evaluation purposes, even after his Account is closed and for as long as the applicable law, in his case. , he allows it.

Service acquisition process.

In order to acquire the services of the company, the Client must follow the following steps:

1Access To the web platform: www.condovive.com
2Provide data, either through the forms or, if requested by the company by mail servicioalcliente@condovive.com or on the phone number +52 33 9627 8449
3Complete all the information required by the company, including information from third parties.
4Accept these terms and conditions and the corresponding privacy notice
5Where appropriate, obtain authorization for the processing of personal data from the third parties involved, whose data is entered on the platform.
6If required by the company, enter the elements and requirements of the digital electronic signature, whether simple or advanced (eg FIEL), in accordance with the legislation applicable to the matter (only apply to mexican taxpayers).

The customer can always make changes to any selection of services, as well as consult information about other services, before accepting the transaction.

Before accepting, the client may verify the summary information about the service that is going to contract before accepting the transaction, including the following:

a) The total cost of the commercial transaction, including, where appropriate, the available discounts and all applicable charges; b) The taxes in your case, additional to the VAT that in your case apply; c) If applicable, shipping cost; d) If applicable, the additional charges derived from the payment mechanism used;

The means of payment available to complete the Commercial Transaction will be shown, as well as the mechanism that allows the client to select a payment option, in such a way that acceptance of its conditions is guaranteed.

Each commercial operation carried out through the site will be governed by these Conditions.

When carrying out any operation, the Client acknowledges that he has read, understood and accepted, without reservation, these Conditions, for which we remind him of the convenience of reading them in detail.

The services are offered on this website within the limits of the quantities available. In the event that your request exceeds the scope of the company, you will be immediately informed of it.

With the acceptance of these General Conditions, the requests made and confirmed by the company will constitute a binding and fully effective contract between the parties.

The company reserves the right to reject any operation or use of the platform, whether due to force majeure, breach of conditions, affectation to third parties or in case of non-payment.

The registered information constitutes absolute proof of the use of the platform, the service and the entire operation carried out.

In your case, the information registered by the selected payment system constitutes absolute proof of the financial transactions.


For the knowledge of the Client, there will be promotions, some of them being the following:

1In the event that the Customer pays in advance for 5 (five) months of service, he will receive 1 (one) month of service for free.
2In case the Client makes the payment in advance for 10 (ten) months of service, he will receive 2 (two) additional months of service free of charge.

These promotions may be issued or modified at the sole discretion of the Company, so in the event of any modification, it will not have the obligation to inform the Client of said changes.

Additional Charges or Alternative Costs.

Within the operations that the Client may carry out, there are additional charges for the service that is contracted, which may be the following:

1Additional charge for billing folios(condovive.com/facturacion)
2Payment processing fee when contracting CondoPay.
3Cost per custom app (COMING SOON at the end of the year)

The extra charges may vary depending on the amounts, modifications and extra requests that the Client requests, likewise the additional charge to be paid will be generated at the time of payment, so the initial services contracted do not include the aforementioned extras.

Payment methods

Within the Mexican Republic, facilities are made available to the Client to generate the respective collections and payments, which are the following:

1Credit and debit card payment.
2Single payment with SPEI to CLABE (electronic bank money wire) per customer through the account that will be displayed when performing said operation.
3Payment in OXXO stores.
4Payment in PayNet affiliated stores.

Services outside the Mexican Republic will have the following payment methods:

1Credit and debit card payment.
2Payment through Paypal

In this case, as it is a service outside the Mexican Republic, the prices and payments will be reflected in USD dollars.

The previous payment methods are through a third party, so the Company will not be responsible for the failures and problems that the systems, platforms, accounts, applications, codes, or others that are from the company in charge of generating the payments may present. collections through the Condovive platform, so in case of any difficulty or error, the Client must review it directly with the company in charge of generating said collection mentioned above.


The CondoPay system is a different and independent payment method of the Company, in case the Client wishes to use it, the3.5% + $5 + IVAof the final amount of payment will be charged as a service fee, for which the Client is made aware that the Company will not have any responsibility in case it decides to incorporate said method for processing the payments of its users, for which the Client will be subject to the policies, terms and conditions, to your privacy notice, use of platform and application in your case of the Company in charge of preparing the corresponding charges.

This service can only be used within the Mexican Republic territory.

In case of using the Condopay service, you must register in the system, this registration and data handling process may have a duration of 45 calendar days and you will have to upload the following information and documentation:

1Incorporation Act
2Official identification
3The first page of an account statement.
4Contact CondoVive* (The person who is in constant contact with Condovive.)
5Tax Identification Form (only Mexican Taxpayers can have this.)
6Business Proof of Address (not older than 3 months).

In case of having the account registration and once the first or the following payments have been made, in your case, the dispersion or the payment will be reflected in the next 2 business days.


An invoice will be issued for each request as long as all the data and requirements of the Law for this purpose are met. The invoice may be requested to the contact email within the current month.

It is necessary that each Client, in case of modification to the applicable law or laws, share the necessary information to be able to bill correctly and in compliance with the provisions, laws, miscellaneous or notices that may exist, so that in the event that the Client does not share said information will not be able to be invoiced on a regular basis until these requirements are met.

Shipping and Delivery Policies.

In case of, the company in order to deliver the services acquired by the client will follow this process:

1It will send the user, other users depending on the case of authorization, or the persons authorized for this purpose, the result of the service, to the emails provided by them.

The company will carry out the shipment of the deliverables of the services acquired exclusively to the destination address, whether electronic or physical, specified in the request.

Likewise, the client acknowledges and accepts that, in the event of a possible theft or loss of information, deliverable of services or others, not attributable to the company, it will carry out the corresponding investigation process and will determine the steps to follow to then communicate to the client and define alternative solutions.

Cancellation policies for services.

The company determines the following policies:

1The Owner of the InformationThe personInformation Holder,(email), is considered the owner of the data housed in the system and those that are generated within of daily basis operation, being its responsibility the fulfillment of any type of confidentiality agreement with its clients or members of its community. In case the owner and the administrator are different and there is a separation between them the owner of the information (email) can carry out the transfer of the information stored in his organization to another organization registered in CondoViveAccount cancelation 1. Auto cancel 2. I send an email toservicioalcliente@condovive.comfrom the main account mail 3. Automatically canceled due inactivity > 3 monthsTransfer of account ownership - Transfer when 6 Invoices from an individual or incorporated company are accredited at the request of the client

Service or service change policies.

The company determines the following policies:

11. Price changes 2. Prices change if the client changes the total number of units according to the plans at condovive.com/prices

In accordance with the Federal Consumer Protection Law and its regulations, there are services acquired by the client that due to their nature cannot be exchanged or returned, so the client is informed of that situation.

Return policies for services

The company determines the following policies:

1The services cannot be returned or changed, and once the same has been carried out, the company, through its platform, begins the process of searching for and contracting third-party providers.

In accordance with the Federal Consumer Protection Law and its regulations, there are services acquired by the client that due to their nature cannot be exchanged or returned, so the client is informed of that situation.

Guarantee Policies.

The company determines the following policies:

1The company does not guarantee the suitability of the service, in accordance with the second paragraph of the "Limitation and exclusion of liability" section.

Use of services.

As part of the Services offered, The Company includes highly functional software tools to process and automate information, such as connections to external sources or databases that are shared by Users on the web platform and content, for the purpose to provide a better service. However, The Company does not guarantee the veracity of the information that Users share on the Web Platforms, nor that provided by the various data sources. Due to the foregoing, The Company has no responsibility regarding the veracity of the information provided by Users to the web platform or that third parties provide to the Company.

The Services are intended solely for your personal use, if any of the third parties involved and the client must not in any case use them in any way other than the commercial purposes for which they are provided.

The client agrees not to sell, lease or market them. It also undertakes not to adapt, modify, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, translate, adapt, reproduce, distribute, disseminate or transfer any information, any computer program and, in general, any of the elements of the Services or of the Service itself. place. The re-publication (re-posting) or the automated use or the massive use of the same is expressly prohibited. This as long as the service is provided through the Condovive platform, in case it is a third party, Condovive disclaims the use that third parties give to this platform (white label by Condominium).

The client authorizes the company to transmit his account and the information that is held in it to third parties, the user will have in his account the option to transfer his organization account (mother account) or his account (condominiums, sub accounts) from your platform.

In case of disconnection of the account, either organization or condominium, you can request it in the following way:

1The interested party will have to send an account transaction request and information to the emailservicioalcliente@condovive.com
2The interested party, in case of being a regular person, must send along with the request a copy of their identification, proof of address, power of attorney / deed / document by legal order in which they prove they have a legitimate right to the account that needs their user information to be transferred.In case of being a regular person, you must send the deed of the constitution of the company, tax identification card and the aforementioned documents.
3Accept the terms and conditions of the Company.
4(Review what else they usually request, if necessary to review the process in a better way and suggest something from the legal part)

Once the information and previous request have been received, it will determine the origin of the transfer of information, for which the Company is not responsible for false information that is shared, nor for the use or treatment of the information that is generated within the platform, giving the responsibility over the people who acquire the account and the service, which will not be modified as it was initially contracted, authorizing the third parties interested the same terms and conditions agreed here and contracted services.

Once the information is validated, the Company will make the transfer in 1 business day, this procedure has no extra cost, so the Company disclaims any payment or collection made to third parties other than it.

Death of the owner of the information.

In the event that a third party needs to access the information of any account of a deceased user, they must verify that they have the authority and due legal interest to request that the account be transferred to them under the following process:

1Death certificate of the deceased user.
2Official identification of the interested party.
3Document that proves your right (Last will, marriage certificate, birth certificate).
4Send request with the above information attached to the following email servicioalcliente@condovive.com

Once the information is received, it will be evaluated giving a response in a maximum of 15 business days. Once the information is validated, the account transfer process stipulated in these terms and conditions will be followed.

Conduct Rulebook.

Specifically, the Client undertakes not to carry out, directly or indirectly, any of the following conduct:

Use any element or content that could constitute a violation of intellectual property rights or other rights, such as industrial secrets, the right to privacy and/or one's own image, and/or any other right;

Create, use, share and/or edit, by any means (in forums, emails, messages, public profiles or by any other means), within the scope of the Services, any material (text, words, images, sounds, videos , etc.) or content that, in accordance with these Terms, the law, generally accepted customs and public order, is aggressive, threatening, malicious, defamatory, uncertain, pornographic, pedophile, obscene, vulgar, racist, xenophobic, susceptible to hateful, sexually explicit, violent, unethical, or otherwise unacceptable;

Create, use, share and/or edit, by any means (in forums, emails, messages, public profiles or by any other means), within the scope of the Services, any material (text, words, images, sounds, videos , etc.) that would constitute a violation of an obligation of confidentiality, or that would incite the commission of illicit acts (in particular, piracy, password breaking (cracking) or the dissemination of counterfeit computer programs);

Carry out activities aimed at accessing elements or functions of the Services whose use has not been authorized;

Fix, modify, translate, adapt, reproduce, index, copy and/or extract, by any procedure, any information, computer program, database, service deliverable or any other element, without prior express authorization;

Modify, distort, block, abnormally load, interrupt, slow down and/or hinder the normal operation of all or part of the site, or the accessibility of other clients to them, or the operation of their associated networks, or attempting to carry out any of the foregoing actions;

Transmit or propagate any virus, Trojan horse, worm, bomb, corrupted file and/or any similar destructive device or any type of corrupted data within the scope of the site, and/or organize, participate in, or be involved in any way in any way attack on servers;

Create, use and/or disseminate automatic computer programs or "macros", including, without limitation, "cheats", "hacks", "mods", "bots", "web scrapping" and "trainers" programs or applications, and/or o use the Services through a mirror site;

Create or facilitate any other mechanism that allows the use of the Services by other people, such as server emulators;

Harass other customers, send them unsolicited messages for business research purposes, use the Services for research, competition, pyramid selling or other similar purposes, or for mass emailing, spamming or unsolicited promotional or advertising items, whether for commercial purposes or otherwise;

Use incorrect information, use the Account of another client, assume the identity of another person or present false credentials in their relations with any natural or legal person within the scope of the Services or during the use thereof;

Use any mechanism not expressly authorized by the company to capture or intercept data exchanged by other clients within the scope of the site, or the names/screen names and/or passwords of any other User;

Attempt to obtain a password or information relating to an Account, or any other information of a private nature, from any other customer of the Services and/or sell, rent, share, loan and/or otherwise transfer to any third party outside of your Account and/or the access mechanisms to it and/or, in any other way, allow any third party to benefit from your Account;

Make inappropriate use of the help system or claim buttons.

Upload false and/or misleading information for any purpose.


In the event that the client fails to comply with these terms, or incurs in any of the behaviors indicated in the immediately preceding point, the company may discretionary exercise the following actions:

a. Cancel the client's account temporarily or permanently or, where appropriate, deny the delivery or provision of the service.

b. Proceed legally before the necessary authority or instance, requesting payment of damages that may be caused at the time.

Intellectual Property Provisions.

The site is designed, edited, produced and managed by The Company, that is, all content, as well as all intellectual and industrial property rights related to their design and development, with the selection of these elements, with its presentation and arrangement, and its design belong to it.

Similarly, the trademarks, domain names, acronyms, logos, drawings and other elements that appear on the site are the property of the company.

The site, as well as all of its content, is protected by copyright and industrial property legislation, as well as by international conventions and the rest of the legislation that protects intellectual property and industrial and the corresponding exclusive rights.

Any use, public communication, reproduction, exhibition, distribution and making available to the public of the aforementioned elements, or of all or part of the site, regardless of the form and cause thereof, is prohibited without the prior company authorization.

Technical protection actions and digital rights management.

Certain Services may be protected by technical protection measures and digital management rights, especially, and without limitation, physical protection measure, watermark, digital keys, online activation, electronic signatures, e-signature of the SAT, among others. others.

To access certain features or Services, and in some cases to unlock exclusive content, access certain Services, or enter into agreements with other Users, a broadband internet connection, an Account and password, and an e-signature from the SAT, among other requirements.

The Company may terminate, in its sole discretion, access to one or more Services or online features by giving you advance notice.

The Services may be protected by digital rights management software (“DRM software”). In such case, by means of these Terms you accept, acknowledge and authorize the following in relation to the DRM software: (i) the installation of The Company, that is to say the Service, may cause the installation of the DRM software on your computer; (ii) DRM software may limit the number of product installations; (iii) the DRM software may install additional components necessary for copy protection on your computer; and (iv) during installation and/or first launch of the product an online connection may be required to unlock the product via DRM software. The above for the effect of mobile applications and plug-ins in browsers.

In the same way, you accept, acknowledge and authorize the installation of other types of software or programs, prior notice, to be able to carry out or offer and complete the Services and transactions, such as the installation of a program to be able to use the SAT e-signature or recognize your identity through various identification and individualization algorithms.

The Company uses third-party analytical tools to collect data, among others, about your habits and those of other users regarding the use of the Service. The data thus collected may contain, among others: unique mobile device identity identifiers or other identifiers and device settings, information on operators, operating systems and location, date and time spent on the Service, other parameters and statistics, use of functions, ad conversion rates, monetization and tracking rates, purchase history, and similar information. Company uses third-party ad serving technologies that may collect data as a result of serving ads on the Services and may temporarily serve ads on the Services. Information collected and used for targeted ad serving may include, but is not limited to: age and gender, times an ad has been viewed, unique mobile device identity or other device identifiers and settings, information about use of the Service for your part, compatible mobile terminal and other Internet sites (including third-party mobile pages and websites) that you have viewed (as well as date and time of viewing). Analytics tools and ad serving technologies may use server log files, web beacons, cookies, tracking pixels, and other technologies to collect such data, and combine information so collected about other Services with data collected from sites. web and mobile products and services of third parties, as well as with demographic and advertising data and market surveys and other analysis instruments.

The information and data that the company collects or gathers may be used for commercial purposes, as long as it is not related to your personal data, and is treated merely as statistical information, or if it is related, it must comply with the laws regarding treatment of personal data and be notified regarding the Privacy Notice.

In isolation, this information cannot be considered personal data; however, if the company combines it with your personal data, we may treat it as personal data under our Privacy Notice. The Company does everything possible to provide you with links and treatment of the private information of its collaborators by virtue of which they use its tools and technologies and, to the extent possible, offer you the possibility of opting out of using the Services.

In the event Company detects unauthorized programs, this information, including your Account name, your Internet Protocol (IP) address, details about the unauthorized program, and the date and time it was detected, as well as the specifications of your hardware and performance characteristics of the same, with or without additional notification, this information will be communicated to you and the corresponding actions will be adopted. If the use of an unauthorized third party program is detected, these Terms, together with the rights inherent in them, such as, without limitation, your access to the Services, may be revoked, with or without additional notice. However, The Company does not share and declines all responsibility for the opinions, advice and/or recommendations presented or sent by You through the Services. Said communications will be the sole responsibility of the User who sends them.

Advertising, promotion of services and interaction between users.

The company, in a fully discretionary manner and subject only to its editorial criteria, may highlight certain services and/or services of third parties, by inserting promotional links, advertising banners or any other advertising and promotional element, being able to carry out also cross-market operations with any partner of your choice. In such case, the company is not responsible for the services or services of third parties thus highlighted.

Limitation and exclusion of responsibility.

You expressly acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the use you do of the Services and for what happens after them, especially once you establish or arise your relationship with another User.

The Services are provided on an "as is" and "as is" basis. The Company does not guarantee, nor does it assume any commitment or obligation, in relation to the results of the use of the Services or the relationship between the Users, in terms of conformity, accuracy, integrity, guarantee, reliability, security, etc. The Company does not offer any type of guarantee in relation to the market value of the Services or the legal or commercial relationship subsequent to them, in relation to your satisfaction or in relation to the suitability of the services for a certain use. On the other hand, The Company does not offer any guarantee in the sense that the Services, including the servers, third-party software and/or providers and the computer programs necessary for their operation, are free of interruptions or errors, defects of software, viruses or harmful elements, nor that any possible error be corrected. Lastly, The Company does not offer any type of guarantee that the information, the Contents and/or the elements that can be accessed through the Services are exact, complete or up-to-date. More specifically, The Company does not exhaustively verify the Content of all types or the texts that you or other users publish through the Services, nor your actions within the framework of the Services. The Company therefore does not offer any type of guarantee, nor does it accept any type of responsibility towards you, in relation to its own actions and/or the actions of other users of the Services. Finally, The Company may not be held responsible for the services of outside companies, mainly Users or Providers, regarding the service it offers and the Interested Users that are proposed to User Providers through The Company, nor offers no type of guarantee in relation to such services.

The client will cover, and agrees to, all costs and risks associated with the use of the Services.

The Company may not in any case be obliged to pay you any amount, or any compensation for damages, due to your own inability to use all or part of the Services. In no case can the company be held responsible for any type of direct, indirect, incidental, accessory damage or any other damage derived from the user's inability to use the Services or from any unexpected outcome after the services. or the relationship with other Users, even in the event that the company had been informed of the possibility of such damages. In this order of ideas, the company is not responsible for the commercial or legal relationship that arises between the Users who contact through the Services, so that at no time may it be related to them, nor be involved in any legal conflict. , due to the controversies that may arise between the users regarding the negotiation that each one carries out.

You acknowledge and agree that, to the extent authorized by law, in the event of a dispute with Company or Company's licensors, you may stop using the Services and terminate your Account;

In any event, the Company's liability to you may never exceed the price you paid for the Services immediately prior to the date on which the dispute occurs. Making clear the limit of the services that are provided on the digital platform and not the subsequent commercial and legal relationships such as the provision of professional services. Likewise, the company will not be obliged in any way to respond for the obligations acquired with respect to third-party portals.

The User or Client acknowledges that any third party, suppliers or service providers, especially other Users, are independent of the company, the Services and these Terms, and that You are solely responsible for the legal and commercial relationship with them or against to them.

Finally, in this act, users assume and release the company regarding the civil liability that corresponds to them and that result from the use and commercial operation that is carried out in any of the services granted by users. Consequently, users will respond directly to third parties, as appropriate, of the damages and/or damages that could be caused to rights and people.

Modification of the terms, software and/or services.

The company reserves the right, at any time and in a fully discretionary manner, to change, modify, add or delete clauses in these Terms and in the other notifications included on the site, both provisionally and permanently.

Therefore, the customer undertakes to periodically check any possible modification and to observe them in full.

The company reserves the right to optimize any of its services for a resolution and/or for a different browser.

The Services may ask for your permission, or may enable you to download software, updates, patches and/or other utilities and tools provided by the company or its licensors (hereinafter referred to as the “Company Software”). company”) on your computer or on any other support authorized by the company. Company may specify specific terms of use for the Software at the time Company makes the Software available to you.

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Modification of fees and prices.

The company reserves the right to (i) modify the prices of the Services provided, regarding the costs and amounts of the consideration thereof; and (ii) modify a Service from a paid service to a free service, or vice versa, on the understanding that the new prices and costs will apply only to the services in force after the entry into force, if applicable, of the new prices. or costs.

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Authorization for the use of cameras and logs to enter the Condominium.

The User accepts that the Condovive platform may record the visit and exit data of the people who enter the Condominium. The User accepts that said information will be registered in the application used by the condominium guards on duty.

In an enunciative manner more non-limiting, users accept that the guards can record photos, names, entrance and exit schedules, plates, vehicular data, and identification as part of the protection used internally by the condominium, so that The company is not responsible for such information to be used improperly by any of the users who have access to said account.

Users accept and acknowledge that their information will be treated confidentially and sensitive data protected by our Notice of Privacy


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Confidential Information expressly includes and without limitation, all the information that is disclosed, between you and the company or between you and third parties, through the site, in any way or that they come to know before or during the term of their legal relationship. and commercial in accordance with these Terms, concerning, related or derived from the activities that each one carries out; and that includes procedures, techniques, plans, projects, activities, research, know-how, trade secrets, business practices, customers, specifications, technology, customer or market information, contractual agreements, utilities, sales, pricing policies, operating methods , technical processes, commercial policies, practices and other commercial matters and methods, plans and other technical, legal, commercial and financial information, and information received from third parties that the parties are obliged to consider as confidential or proprietary and that may be transmitted by any means , including without limitation, oral, visual, written and/or electronic.


The contact details and official means of communication of the representative and legal person in charge of the company are the following:

Company commercial nameCondovive
Company Trade MarkCondovive
Web pagewww.condovive.com
Corporate nameDisforma Diseño e Innovacion Tecnologica S. de R.L. de C.V
Company NationalityMexican
Address Marsella 155 Int 206, Colonia Lafayette, Código Postal 44140, Guadalajara, Jalisco.
Mexican ITINDDI140526RZ0
Email / Phone numbers (With area code) / other way of contactservicioalcliente@condovive.com +52 33 9627 8449
Company's linkwww.condovive.com

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Regarding the services provided by the company, you can visit the following web pages where you will find information about your rights as a consumer and the legal mechanisms you have to protect them:

FEDERAL CONSUMER BUREAU www.profeco.gob.mx


condovive.com/avisodeprivacidad condovive.com/privacy

condovive.com/terminosycondiciones condovive.com/termsandconditions

Referral program

General FeaturesThe Referral program is a program that can be accessed by any active Administrator in Condovive and who is up to date with their payments. This administrator will be called Promoter administrator.When a Promoter administrator promotes the Condovive platform and services with new administrators and these new Administrator creates an account and contract 12 months of service in advance, they will be able to access the referral program.
Eligibility RequirementsThe administrator(s) who will participate as a referred party in this program must be new administrators (administrators who have already been registered and at the time or have canceled the service did not qualify for this program) who must register and pay in advance for 12 months of service.The Promoter administrators in this case will not have a limitation regarding the new administrators that are referred as long as they comply with the Condovive Terms and Conditions.
Benefits for Promoter AdministratorThe Promoter administrator will have a bonus of $2,000 two thousand pesos (less applicable taxes) for the new administrator only if the new administrator registers and pays the 12 months of service in advance. In order to get benefit of the Promoter administrator to be obtained, the following conditions must be met: 1. 12 months of service must be paid in advance.2. The service cannot be cancelled.3. The account of the new administrator must be a new account and this referral account must not have been previously registered within the Condovive platform.
Benefit for referred administratorThe administrator who is referred will have a unique discount when they registering and paying in advance for 12 months of service, in this case they will have a unique and initial 25% discount on the annual payment made.
Condovive capabilitiesCondovive may at any time carry out a review at its own discretion, so in case of identifying abuse, fraud, improper use, etc. about this Referral Program, as well as the breach of these terms and conditions, it may lead to the disablement of the administrator's account, and the administrator who has incurred in this case must return the full amount of the benefit obtained abusively. In the case that the Promoter administrator does not return the benefit, the amount thereof will be charged to his account, suspending your account indefinitely until the amount granted is returned. Condovive reserves the right to cancel this and any other benefit granted in case it suspects that customers have duplicate account records for the sole purpose of claiming this benefit.