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If you have a management company you can consolidate the price for all your properties in the same plan.

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All our plans include

  • Unlimited administrator profiles for your organization
  • Unlimited user profiles per unit
  • Unlimited storage
  • Support and Updates


You have questions, we have answers.

All you need. With your CondoVive account you can manage from one condominium to any amount of properties you need to manage and everyone on your team will have independent access.

The price of our service is calculated based on the number of units your condo has, if you want to calculate the exact amount, use our calculator above. If you need personalized help, do not hesitate to contact us.

None, in CondoVive there is no initial or contract payment, your first payment will apply until the end of your trial period Totally free for 30 days.

CondoVive works under the SaaS scheme (Software as a Service) which means that we offer our platform mainly as a service. In addition, there are no contracts or forced plans. If you decide to end your relationship with us, all you have to do is ask our customer service team to remove your information and that's it.

It depends on the time in which the account was abandoned, at CondoVive we have a policy of 90 calendar days to keep the information, as long as do not exceed than period of time, the information can be recovered.

As of day 91, all information related to a CondoVive account will be deleted.

Only the owner of the account can recover it, for more details check ourbackup policies.

We currently have a 12 x 10 promotion (pay for 10 months of service and we give you 2 additional months of service for free!) or 6 x 5 (pay for 5 months of service and we give you 1 additional month of service for free!)*.

* Valid till January 31 of the current year.

That's right, you can contact our customer service team from any of our channels to schedule a training completely free!

Of course, in CondoVive you have unlimited administrator profiles within the platform, you can also create roles or permissions for each of them, so you can have better control over the functions that all members need.

It is the mobile app where the resident can enter and review their finances, as well as have access and interaction with the releases registered by the administrator. Check all the details from here

Of course! We will provide you a document to carry out your initial data load called "Migration file" which contains the following concepts: * Primary and secondary users (directory) * Positive balance * Delinquent balances at the cut-off date

No, only people added to the unit have access to this information.

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