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Check your finances, view important condo documents, create tickets, send proof of payment and make reservations.

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Know your Mobile App

The Mobile App brings together the most important of our version so that you can access the most relevant information of your condominium from wherever you need it


Direct Communication

From the communication section you will be able to view all the announcements published by the administration as well as respond to them and keep the conversation in the right place

My Finances

View your updated account statement at all times

In the history section, the financial status of the unit will be shown, whether they are current debts or balances in favor



Put your condo on auto mode and focus on the issues that really matters.


The most relevant information of your condominium

Here you can find regulations, tutorials, shopping lists, etc. Everything previously updated by your administrator


Common Areas

In the section "My reservations" you will find all the reservations made in your condominium and you can cancel your own regardless of the state in which they are


Surveys and Voting

You can send your answers to the polls and votes created by the administration always with total transparency.


Proof of payment

You can send proof of your payments through the section "Send proof of payment"


Tickets, Complaints and Suggestions

If you need the administration to be aware of something that is happening in your condominium, some repair or you want to share information, you can do it from the "Tickets" section and you can also add a picture for your convenience. Everything will come to your administration


Condominium Delinquency List

The App will show you a list of the units with their total delinquency. This feature is configurable and can be hidden if required by the administration.