Optimize your team's workflow

Your security operations in an easy way from an App on your mobile device with real-time monitoring.

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Manage roles and permissions

Define the roles and permissions so that your guards only consult the necessary information. Take care of the privacy of your residents by hiding important information such as their telephone numbers, addresses or whatever you consider necessary.


​Quick and easy access

Scan the visitor's QR code with your App, you will automatically have the host's phone number and you can start the call directly from your cell phone. Capture photos, record comments and have access control in the cloud at all times.


Efficient monitoring by unit

Check the relevant information of each unit, the linked residents and their contact information according to the assigned role.

Common areas

Facilitates the management of amenities

Track the reservations of the different amenities, either by time or by day, the information of each pending and current reservation in the palm of your hand.


Transparent finances

Monitor indebtedness per unit in real time to know which units have debts.


Check the directory

Find in the directory the information of each unit. As a guard you can only see the information that the administration has configured for your role.