Backup Policy (

Last update January 27th 2017

These backup policies protect the information of THE CLIENT in reference to the information stored in the online services offered by Disforma Diseño e Innovación Tecnológica S. de R.L. de C.V., hereinafter referred to as the [ THE SUPPLIER ]. The entity that contracts and manages the online services of will be hereinafter referred to as [ THE CLIENT ] and this description includes those employees, agents and independent contractors who are authorized by THE CLIENT to use the services of Condovive .com Anyone who uses or browses the web application and its related services who is authorized by THE CLIENT to use the services and documentation is granted the quality of [ USER ].

1.Backups Generated

THE PROVIDER is responsible for the infrastructure in which THE CLIENT's information is managed, in accordance with the Service Subscription Agreement entered into between THE PROVIDER and THE CLIENT, THE PROVIDER guarantees the reliability of the infrastructure that it places at the service of THE CLIENT and the maintenance of the information that it manages, generating backups of all the databases related to the contract of THE CLIENT.

2.Information Ownership

THE PROVIDER makes its infrastructure available to THE CLIENT to facilitate the work of THE CLIENT with the management of its information. At no time may THE PROVIDER claim ownership of the information of THE CLIENT. At all times, the information managed by THE SUPPLIER's systems on behalf of THE CLIENT will be property of THE CLIENT; However, the information is stored in the provider's schemes and systems, so the structure and management of database relationships remains the property of THE PROVIDER. Therefore, THE PROVIDER undertakes to make this information accessible through its system as long as it does not compromise the structure of the databases.

3.Purpose of this information

THE PROVIDER makes its infrastructure available to THE CLIENT to restore THE CLIENT's information within a period of 90 calendar days, in order to correct capture errors, data corruption or start from scratch.

4.Backup Frequency

THE PROVIDER will perform daily remote backups of THE CLIENT's information at 3 am Central Standard time, this backups will be stored for a period of 90 calendar days for the complete restoration of THE CLIENT's information in the system.

5.Restoration Requests

When THE CLIENT needs or requests to restore a copy of the backups generated by THE PROVIDER of his information, he must do so by email 1 day in advance to<a></a>